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On Saturday, June 22nd, the music will begin. 

We have listened to both hosts and performers and have modified our registration process.  We hope it works well for you.  We are using separate forms for hosts and for performers.   We know we have some pre-arranged host/performer combinations and hope we are not asking too much to have a form for each.  

If you encounter any difficulty with the registration process, email us at:  We’ll get right back to you. 


    • The performers do not have to be from Reading. Any band/act can apply to take part and donate their time and talents.  Bands are asked for a Jpeg or PNG image file and a short MP3 sound sample. If you can’t supply a file but you have a YouTube link, we’ll work with that.  The committee has final say on suitability, but we are looking for a diverse array of musical genres-something for everyone.
    • This is a family-friendly event. Please keep that in mind when choosing your playlist.
    • Time slots are in one-hour increments.  If you wish to sign up your act or your venue for more than one time period, there is a place on the form to tell us that.  In response to past performers and hosts, we have added some set-up and break-down time to each hour set.  
    • We request a cell phone number be supplied for easy communication on PorchFest day.
    • Please provide an image of your band and a short MP3 or MP4 sample.    We will use your submission to promote both you and PorchFest on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as add you to a gallery on this website.  
    • Tip jars and Merchandise sales are allowed at the discretion of each host.


Questions? Email: