What You Need To Know

  Does the homeowner have to provide restrooms?

No. That is strictly up to the homeowner.

  Does the homeowner need to supply refreshments to the public?

Although some have, this is not a requirement.

  Can the performer put out a tip jar or sell merchandise?

Yes, with the homeowner’s permission.

  Is there any reserved parking?

Unfortunately, no.

  Is there an entrance fee?

No. All performers and homeowners have volunteered their services, therefore there is no charge. Walk around, catch as may acts as you can, and enjoy the afternoon.

  Are performers being paid?

No. All performers are volunteers.

  Can I play in a town park?

No. All performances are at private residences, local organizations, or business establishments.

  Should performers bring their own equipment?

Yes, unless, of course, you have made arrangements with another band for equipment sharing.

  How long are the performances?

In response to performer recommendations, we have established time slots of one hour: 45 minutes playing time with 15 minutes free

  Is there a rain date?

No. We will go ahead rain or shine.

  Can I sign up my venue with the band that I hosted previously?

Of course. Just make sure you include that information on both the host and band registration forms