Last Year's Performers (2021)

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Acoustic Mayhem, Antarctica, Arcola, The BackTrack Band, Cait + Pat, Colorado Bob, Cousin Louis, Eddie Dee,  Generation Knot, Good Enough, Hillside Road Round Robin, ,John Pappas,  Jon Taubman, Mark Bishop Evans, Mike Curren, Autumn Olive will play in place of Milfoil, Louise Mosrie, North-of-Boston Jazztet,  John Pappas, The Passive Aggressives, Reading Community Concert Band, Roberta Lamb, Terry Weir and Sligo Road, Tales From the Porch

The Apsychalypse, Art Grossman, Bashert,  comfort levels, Dick Lynch, The Fool’s Agenda, Church of the Good Shepherd, He Said/She Said, Highway 49, John Ferullo, Ken Gordon, Matthew Garlin, The Melted Chapstixs, Mike Lucey, Milltown Rounders, Myd-Lyfe Crisis, The Offramps, The Out of the House Band, The Off Ramps, Pretty Alright, Psuedo Psax Quartet, Rich Moulison, The Strungout Playboys, Uncle Jon’s Songs